About Elena

Elena Wright has called Wilmington, North Carolina her home for the majority of her life, making her a true local to this beautiful, coastal city. After spending a few short years in the hustle of a metropolitan city, the alluring and easy-going community of her hometown drew her back in with open arms.

With a devoted passion for business and a motivation to educate new homeowners and pleasantly surprise seasoned clients, Elena seeks any challenge that comes her way providing a noteworthy experience for her clients.

Having a vast appreciation for what makes a house a home, Elena creates a comfortable yet professional environment for buyers and sellers alike. Elena notes, “A home is where you wake up; what you come back to after a long day’s work; it’s where you spend time with friends and family; it’s what you miss when you are away.”

Elena makes it her mission and her commitment to sell your present property as well as finding the home of your dreams. Take advantage of her vast local knowledge as well as her attention to detail and seasoned negotiating skills.